Nuh Jewels is brand of Pakistani jewelry designer Mudsser Iqbal, who established his company in the Scotland in 2000 with his brother Muzamil Iqbal. Nuh Jewels company is jewelry designing and manufacturing company, dealing in Gold, Silver jewelry with Diamonds, Zircons and high quality stones like Diamonds, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz and more.

Mudsser Iqbal

Mudsser Iqbal is founder of Nuh Jewels and managing complete system in the Pakistan.

Muzammil Iqbal

Muzammil Iqbal is co founder of Nuh Jewels in Scot Land. He is managing their clients and production.

Gul Shear
Manufacturing Manager

Gul Shear is manufacturing manager in the Pakistan. He refines and control quality of Gold and Silver in Lab.

Waseem Ahmad
Gems Stones Quality Checker

Waseem Ahmad is gems stones quality checker in Nuh Jewels.